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Build Up is a leading Egyptian company in the engineering and construction

field. It has been founded since 2004. We have numerous collaborations with both local and nationwide businesses, including Triflex, Lotus Cleopatra, Unitech, CoverEx, Violet, Tarkett, and others.

  • We have earned the trust of various real estate development and interior design companies in Egypt.
  • Leading to the presentation of making Build Up in numerous reputable establishments and projects across Egypt’s various governments.
  • We have the ability to collaborate seamlessly with engineers and designers to provide the desired products

Build Up adheres to the “Business is Equal Quality” strategy, which results in effective projects with high levels of quality and innovation at a low cost. Build Up Group seeks to be fast, global, and connected in order to achieve this strategy. These three factors are the driving forces behind Build Up’s success in the construction and development industry. Be Fast in the context of Build Up means providing the quickest response possible throughout the construction cycle. Be Global, Build Up aims to attract multinational customers and businesses. Finally, Be Connected refers to create different partnerships with many companies of construction and development field. That culminates in collaboration on various projects involving healthy, residential, and commercial activities.

Everyone at Build Up Group is dedicated to providing superior service in the most efficient manner possible, for the mutual benefit of our clients, shareholders, and employees. As a result, the staff strives to comprehend our client’s requirements in order to deliver high-quality buildings on time and within budget. Furthermore, they strive to achieve and develop the clients’ imaginations in order to end with the reality of the proposals. Build Up is capable of conducting business with integrity and fairness.

Build Up is a leading Egyptian company in the engineering and construction field. It has been founded since 2004

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